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Aktiv8vapor Full Spectrum E-Vaporizer

Aktiv8vapor Full Spectrum E-Vaporizer

$ 12.00

Our Deer Antler Essence extract is a full spectrum extraction of one of the most profound substance in the anti-aging and longevity category. We use only deer antler from New Zealand due to its unsurpassed quality and the dedication of the New Zealand Game Industry Board to the absolutely humane treatment of the animals during the harvesting process.

Deer Antler is truly one of nature’s miraculous examples of regeneration and sustainability. In the spring grow at an astounding rate of almost 2 centimeters daily. At approximately day 60 of growing cycle, the deer at gathered together from the free range, and the antlers are harvested under the auspices of licensed and trained veterinarians. After a few days, when it has been determined that the animals are in good health, they are returned to the free range for the remainder of the year. The deer that provide their antlers for aktiv8vapor are NOT killed. Deer are highly valued in New Zealand culture and are respected and loved by their caregivers.

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