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Sale of BBB indefinately halted by order of the EPA

EPA orders stop sale

Dan Webster of the EPA has ordered an immediate stop sale of Bye Bye Bugs (BBB). He claims that we have false and misleading statements regarding the product. He also claims that the label does not contain labeling approved by the EPA, and has incomplete application instruction for fleas and other insects. Apparently, the EPA doesn't think that people are smart enough to understand - "Allow dust to settle on carpet or floor. Work into carpet. Leave overnight. For indoor or outdoor use."

For years I have asserted that the EPA is little more than a tool to help chemical companies put small companies out of business that offer alternatives to poisonous chemicals. I know that is an exaggeration, but It annoys me that a product like BBB has become the target of the EPA for such pettiness. They have threatened to shut my business down if I don't immediately stop selling BBB.

This is our government at work. For years, our product has been on the market and has been an effective way to kill bedbugs and other insects without harmful chemicals and aerosols. To my knowledge, there has NEVER been a single complaint from ANY user of our product. There has NEVER, to my knowledge, been anyone who misused our product due to our label or directions for use.

BBB is one of the least toxic and most effective insecticides available in the world, and is one of the ONLY insecticides guaranteed effective against bedbugs. Yet, for some reason, the EPA wants to stop all sales of BBB, and has threatened to shut down my business.

This is what it is like to operate a small business in the 'freest country on earth'. Get a label approved... order a large quantity to save money... then a bureaucrat changes THEIR labeling policy, and now all the labels are no longer approved. Then, the EPA threatens to shut you down if you don't destroy your labels and have new ones printed. Who will ultimately pay for the EPA's obsession with shutting me down? People who want an alternative to dangerous, toxic chemicals. They will either pay more money (because I have to destroy all my labels and print new ones, and pay more money to the government, or they will pay because I will get sick of being bullied by the government and the product will be unavailable.

So for now, BBB is not available for sale. Hopefully, in the near future, it will be available again.