Freshwater Organics Newsletter December 21, 2012

Freshwater Organics Newsletter December 21, 2012
Freshwater Organics

December 21, 2012

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Freshwater Organics December 2012 Newsletter

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As another year comes to a close, I am grateful once again to you - my customers and distributors. We now have customers in every state, and 5 countries. Thank you all for your loyal business and your many referrals. My family has been truly blessed, and we are thankful for another year of good health, good friends, and good customers. During our 12 years in business, it became tempting at times to give up the business and go to work in another industry with less stress, and a steady pay check. But as soon as those thoughts would come, it seemed that I would get another phone call from a customer who wanted to tell me about their incredible experience with one of our products, and tell me how it had changed their life and helped them beat an ailment that had been plaguing them for decades. Every time I think about the thousands of people who use our products, and how they have been helped by them – it strengthens my resolve to stick with it, and remember that there are more important things in life than money. Our company is committed to only selling the absolute best products that we can find. We don't sell anything with GMO ingredients, and do our best to find organic, wild, or natural products that will help our customer attain a healthier lifestyle. In 2013, our focus will be to provide you with foods, supplements, and information to help you get off of any medications you may be taking. We will focus on cleansing, restoring health, strengthening your immune system, reducing inflammation, and becoming more self-sufficient. It has become clear to me that organic foods will become more difficult to find, that health care will become more entangled with the drug companies, and that soil, water, and air quality will continue to deteriorate. Therefore, we will be working towards increasing the amount of healthy foods that we can produce ourselves, and we will do our best to reduce or eliminate our need for conventional medicine. My greatest wish for you all, is a happy, healthy, self-sufficient, medication free, New Year! And I plan to do everything I can to help you get it.

Our Sincerest Thanks and Happiest Wishes,
Fran and Denise

Website Update

We have greatly expanded our product line, and have a few more items that will be available soon. In the next few months, we will release our own organic non-fluoride toothpaste. I realize that you can all find fluoride-free toothpaste in your own town, but this is going to be the best toothpaste you have ever used, it will cost less, and it won't have any junk in it. This is my own recipe, and we will prepare it in small batches. We have just finished testing some organic liquid silica products and have added them to the site as well. As you know, silica is vitally important to the body, and plays an essential role in cell health. It is beneficial to your hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, brain, and tissue. These liquid silica products are easily absorbed and and are the finest liquid silica products we have found.

Our Core Products

Our flagship products, Fossilized Phytoplankton Powder (FPP) and Bye Bye Bugs (BBB) continue to be our best selling products. We now have moved into a larger warehouse and production facility, which will allow us to manufacture higher volumes and sell our FPP products to you at a huge price reduction. We will offer different sizes and types of packaging. We are considering free standing pouches with a zipper closure, but would like your feedback on that before we go in that direction.

FPP 5 Gallon Bucket

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