Diatomaceous Earth

New USE found! - mix DE with water to make a paste to instantly stop itching from bug and bee bites! This works better than any "anti-itch" formula we have tried.

Over the past two years..., I have gotten more inquiries about DE for human consumption than for all other calls combined. In Asia and Europe, DE is sold widely as a health and beauty product for hair, nails, skin, and bones.

Thanks to the FDA, we can make no such claims; we can state that our product is GRAS (generally regarded as safe) for human consumption. In addition, it is Certified Organic by OMRI.

If you are considering DE for human consumption, I urge you to read Galen Knight's excellent article called DEtox .

By the way, for over four years now, I have been taking a heaping teaspoon of DE with water every night before bed and have had no ill effects because of it. I also know of an associate of mine who took it for over 30 years and never once suffered any ill effects from the DE.

Could you have parasites?

Many of our daily users claim that since they started taking DE, they have had more regularity with their bowel movements than ever before in their lives. They also claim that their colonoscopies have shown that they are "clean as a whistle" and appear to be in no danger of colon cancer.

I suggest that if you plan to take DE, that you mix 1 heaping teaspoon with water before bed. It may be mixed with any beverage or sprinkled in oatmeal or other foods, but we have found that when mixed with 8 oz. of water and then followed up with another 1/2 glass of water, is very easy to take and has no bad taste. I also enjoy it with smoothies and milkshakes, and it is a great way to get your kids to take it regularly.

We finally completed our new packaging for our food grade product. It was designed to be more attractive, and will be sold in health food stores, and retail outlets. The new product is call FPP - Fossilized Phytoplankton Powder

Listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute.

Read what Dr. Galan D. Knight, Ph.D. , of Vitale Therapeutics, Inc. has to say about DEtoxifying with DE.

On this page, I will share some information that I have gathered on DE for human use. It is from various sources.

"Congested bowels are ideal breeding places for nutrient draining, disease-causing parasites. Parasites use your body as a host and live off you. Bacteria, fungi, virus and protozoa will infect you as well as infest you, but worms are the most harmful.. They range from pin worms, roundworms, hookworms to tapeworms."

Periodically, I get messages similar to this one:

Dear Sir or madam
Do you have a spec sheet listing the amount of silica and trace minerals in your fossil shell flour and the daily requirement for humans, cats and dogs, thanks

This is a terrific question. Here is the simple answer.

Our Perma-Guard Fossil Shell Flour is Pure Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth.
It is of the highest quality available, being greater than 99.5% amorphous silica and less than 1/2% crystalline silica.

For a breakdown of the trace elements, go to
http://www.vitaletherapeutics.org/deanlsbw.htm (Opens in a New Window)

Generally speaking, here are the "daily dosage" guidelines. Adjustments can be made based on your own experience.

Our DE is GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA, so there is no harm of "overdose")

Human (Adult) - 1 heaping teaspoon per day.

We mix it with water before bed. It can also be mixed with smoothies, or any non-carbonated beverage.
Child - 1/2 up to 1 level teaspoon per day.

Pets and livestock 2% of dry weight of their food.

Large Dog (retriever) - 1 level teaspoon per day.
Small Dog (poodle) - 1/2 tsp per day.
Cat - 1/2 tsp per day.
Cow - 1/2 cup per day
Calf - 1/4 cup per day
Horse 1/2 cup per day

For large animals, DE may also be offered "free choice" as long as dispenser is protected from wind.

Safety considerations

The absorbent qualities of diatomaceous earth can result in a drying of the hands if handled without gloves.

The type of hazard posed by inhalation depends on the form of the silica. Crystalline silica (silicon dioxide) poses a serious inhalation hazard because it can cause silicosis and can eventually lead to cancer. Amorphous silica can cause dusty lungs after repeated prolonged exposure, but does not carry the same degree of risk as crystalline silica. Food-grade diatomaceous earth contains less than 1% of crystalline silica. As a safety precaution, you may wish to use a dust mask if you will be exposed to airborne DE dust for prolonged periods.

The following article is from an Austrian study using Diatomaceous Earth in cholesterol studies.

Diatomaceous earth lowers blood cholesterol concentrations.

Wachter H, Lechleitner M., Artner-Dworzak E, Hausen A, Jarosch E, Widner B, Patsch J, Pfeiffe K, Fuchs D

Institute of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Innsbruck, Fritz Pregl Strasse 3, Innsbruck, A-6020, Austria.

In this study a potential influence of diatomaceous earth to lower blood cholesterol was investigated.

During 12 weeks we monitored serum lipid concentrations in 19 healthy individuals with a history of moderate hypercholesterolemia (9 females, 10 males, age 35-67 years).

Individuals administered orally 250 mg diatomaceous earth three-times daily during an 8 weeks observation period.

Serum concentrations of cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides levels were measured before study entry, every second week during the period of diatomaceous earth intake and 4 weeks after stop of intake.

Compared to baseline (285.8 +/- 37.5 mg/dl = 7.40 +/- 0.97 mM) diatomaceous earth was associated with a significant reduction of serum cholesterol at any time point, reaching a minimum on week 6 (248.1 mg/dl = 6.43 mM, -13.2% from baseline; p<0.001).

Also low–density lipoprotein cholesterol (week 4: p<0.05) and triglycerides levels decreased (week 2: p<0.05, week 4: p<0.01).

Four weeks after intake of diatomaceous earth was stopped, serum cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides still remained low and also the increase of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol became significant (p<0.05).

Diatomaceous earth, a byproduct, is capable of reducing blood cholesterol and positively influencing lipid metabolism in humans. Placebo-controlled studies will be necessary to confirm our findings.

Information on Diatomaceous Earth for Humans.

from a paper entitled, "A Back To The Future Product" By D. Pittman, 10/77/99

Pittman attests to many years of immune system research.

He states that weak immune systems have some "common threads of similarities present"

First, some type of parasite, bacteria, fungus, or virus, has found conditions ripe enough to live part time or long tern within the body. Second, people with chronic diseases have weak immune systems and almost always have digestive system problems including many of these parasites and microbes. Third, these same people most likely have toxic deposits accumulating somewhere in the body.

He suggests increasing one's pure water intake, and to start a 4 month silica detoxifying program. He shares that he

"rediscovered an amazing simple and low-cost ancient solution for eliminating parasites, toxins, and infectious diseases within the stomach, intestines, and colon." This amazing product comes from a fresh-water type of diatomaceous earth mined in Nevada under the Perma-Guard label. The porous and cylindrical shape of these diatoms gives them the unique properties to rid the digestive system of parasites and undesirable microbes. I also found several patents related to the health and digestion benefits or this product. "Moreover, recent research indicates the high absorption properties this powdered material has on heavy metals and chemical toxins within the body. "

He warns that when you start detoxifying you may get a reaction from the die-off of parasites, microbes, etc. He urges to start out slow and drink lots of water.

He suggests warm distilled water is best, but cold filtered water seems to work just fine. He recommends gradually increasing your dosage up to 3 level tablespoons per day and to continue this for 4 months. After this he recommends 1 level teaspoon once a day as maintenance.

While I don't neccessarily agree with him or know if his study was based on anecdotal personal evidence or on a double-blind study, I will say that some folks find that using more in the beginning to be beneficial. I started with 1 heaping teaspoon per day and continue to take that amount daily. On occasion, I have experimented with a higher dose per day. My experience was that too much DE seemed to dry-out the stools and make it more difficult to have a "regular, clean, bowel movement". I admit that this is only my personal experience.

Since I have been using DE, with the exception of those experiments, I have had regular bowel movements in the morning that give me the feeling that I have good, complete, regular elimination. I regularly have 3 bowel movements a day.

In Pittman's article, he also claimed that by using boiled distilled water, he was able to dissolve the diatomaceous earth. I have never tried that, but if that does indeed work, that might prove a beneficial way to get silica into the bloodstream.


This page is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or conditions. While the FDA has labeled it food grade, and approved diatomaceous earth for human and animal consumption, the FDA has not approved DE as an internal parasite control. Many farmers have claimed that when fed regularly to their animals that it has eliminated parasites, increased the overall heath, and has greatly reduced medical bills. Diatomaceous Earth will dehydrate any soft-bodied insect or insect larva. We receive many testimonials from customers who have been using diatomaceous earth in their diet and who are very pleased with the results. - These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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