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About our site

Freshwater Organics - Better, Simpler, Safer

Freshwater Organics began selling bulk Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to farmers in 1998. Over the years, our business has gradually shifted more toward consumers... regular folks like us, who are concerned about their health.

We are committed to bringing you only the healthiest, all-natural, wild, and organic products to improve the health and well-being of you, your family, pets, livestock, and garden. If it isn't tested by us and used by our family, we don't offer it to yours.

We started manufacturing Fossilized Phytoplankton Powder (FPP) several years ago, to meet the demand of concerned consumers who insisted on the purest, safest organic foold grade product for human consumption. The response has been fantastic. We now ship product to nearly every state, and to dozens of countries. Our customers appreciate our products, our customer service, and our satisfaction guarantee. We have always offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and in 14 years, we have never had to give a refund due to a product not doing what was expected. We sell natural and organic products, that have been used for hundreds of years, and have seen exponential growth, due to word of mouth testimonials. The downside to that is that it is cost prohibitive to do double blind research to get data that would satisfy the government bureaucrats that would like to put all natural supplement businesses out of business, to satisfy some of their biggest political donors - the drug companies, chemical companies, and Monsanto. But rather than spend millions of dollars on pointless research to prove what we already know from hundreds of years of use, and thousands of testimonials... we instead keep our prices as low as we can, and offer a satisfaction guarantee. We would never expect you to pay for something that you don't think is helping you.

So as we grow, we will continue to scour the planet for the absolute purest and best products, and if we can get it for you we will. But some items that we use don't make sense for us to ship to you. For these items, we will make recommendations in our newsletter on things that we like, and where you can find them locally.

We love our customers, and have learned as much or more from you as you have learned from us. We welcome your comments, testimonials, and suggestions, and look forward to another great year of good health. We hope you like our new website and new products. - Be good to yourself.


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